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Kasumbalesa Not Conducive, Says Dingani Banda

The Kasumbalesa border scenario, according to ZRA Commissioner General DINGANI BANDA, is not ideal for effective trade facilitation and needs to be remedied right away.

According to Mr. Bana, the Authority will send more officers to the border to relieve congestion and will cooperate with DRC officials to put the decision to extend working hours on both sides into effect.

He continues by saying that the condition could lead to a disease breakout once the rains begin to fall.

In a discussion with representatives of the General Directorate of Customs and Excise of the DRC, Mr. BANDA was speaking.

And EUGENE NDHLOVU, president of the SADC Truck Drivers Association, has pleaded with the revenue authorities to address the issues at hand because the current state of affairs puts truck drivers’ health and security at risk.

On the Zambian side, it’s thought that around 3,000 trucks are stalled.

According to reports, the current scenario was started by truck drivers in Zambia who went on strike for six days, and it allegedly got worse when clearing agents in the DRC went on strike for five days.

The busiest border crossing for trucks entering the DRC and its neighbors is at Kasumbalesa.

Every day, on average, 500 cargo trucks cross the border at Kasumbalesa.

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