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Army Officer Perishes in Terrifying Fireworks Mishap

After being hit and hurt by the rear explosion of a star shell that he was handling during the countdown, a Zambian Army Officer in LUSAKA passed away. He had been handling the star shell during the new year’s craze.

After the incident, Staff Sergeant KELVIN MULIMA passed away in the early hours of yesterday at MAINA SOKO Military Hospital.

The late Sergeant MULIMA’s funeral is being held at his residence, LC-C 482, at the LUSAKA West Military Camp.

Sgt. MULIMA enlisted in the military on April 1, 2005.

The loss of Sergeant MULIMA has upset Zambian Army Commander SITALI ALUBUZWI.

The family of Sergeant MULIMA, including his widow PATRICIA and children, have received a note of condolence from Lieutenant General MULILIMA.

This was said in a statement made to ZNBC News in Lusaka by Colonel Martin Liyungu, spokesman for the Zambian Army.

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