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Competency Is The Only Requirement For Government Projects, Mulenga

On the grounds that they are affiliated with the past ruling Party, the government has refuted claims that it does not engage with contractors who did business with the previous administration.

According to CHIPOKA MULENGA, minister of commerce, competency is the only requirement for doing business with the government.

Contractors that wish to deal with the government, according to Mr. MULENGA, should also make sure they conduct themselves ethically and professionally.

In the meantime, Mr. Mulenga claims that the government will not hire contractors to complete public works if it has the funds to do so.

According to the minister of commerce, the government does not want to pay for services it has long since owed.

He claims that in the past, contractors took advantage of the government by charging exorbitant costs for their services since they took into account things like inflation and other price changes that would arise from late payments.

In order to maintain the health of the economy, he continues, the government will make every effort to pay contractors on time.

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