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Army To Take Advantage Of Chances For Capacity Building – ALIBUZWI

SITALI ALIBUZWI, commander of the Zambian Army, says the army would constantly take advantage of chances to strengthen its capabilities.

This, according to Lieutenant General ALIBUZWI, will be accomplished through taking part in conventions like the International Armoured Conference and developing solid alliances based on win-win scenarios and Zambia’s best interests.

On the sidelines of the 23rd International Armoured Vehicles Conference, he announced this in London.

According to Lt. General ALIBUZWI, the Zambian Army views these conferences as significant turning points in its modernization agenda because they give the Army the chance to learn more about contemporary battlefield trends and the most recent technological advancements to fend off the threat to armored vehicles of the future.

The Armoured Vehicles Conference, which began today in London, is being attended by numerous leaders of different Defense Forces from across the world, including the commander of the Zambian Army.


Additionally, the conference chairperson, General Sir ADRIAN BROADSHAW, emphasized the value of the symposium in forging enduring partnerships in his welcome remarks.

According to Sir BROADSHAW, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has shown the value of amor in land combat in order to allow for maneuverability.

This year’s conference will focus on issues related to capability development, force generation, and support.

The conference aims to provide vital answers to the problems of how modern armored platforms can increase their capabilities in a rapidly changing environment and how they can develop to effectively fend off new threats in a world with advanced technology.

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