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ZNUT Requests Stronger Monitoring Of School Systems

The Southern Province of the Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) has urged the government to improve oversight of the construction of school facilities in the region.

According to MWANAKALIMA HAGONKA, the provincial organizing secretary for the ZNUT, the free education policy has caused a burden on schools by causing a large influx of students to enroll in and transfer to government institutions.

Regarding the International Day of Education, Mr. HAGONKA stated that the infrastructure needs to quickly catch up to the rising pace of student enrollment.

According to Mr. HAGONKA, although significant funds from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) have been used to improve classroom space, the process is still very slow, necessitating more government monitoring and oversight.

Meanwhile, Mr. HAGONKA claims that the Southern Province’s increase in the pass rate for grades nine and twelve is a sign that education quality is rising.

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