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Funeral Service For Lemekhani Held In Lusaka

Prior to his burial in the Rufunsa district on Wednesday, the funeral service for LEMEKANI NYIRENDA, a Zambian student who perished in the Russia-Ukraine war, was held in Lusaka.

At the funeral service held at the Lusaka Baptist Church, LEMEKANI’S mother FLORENCE NYIRENDA paid tribute to her son by describing him as a joyful, kind, and gifted young man.

The past two months, according to Mrs. NYIRENDA, have been particularly trying for her family.

Additionally, family spokesperson IAN BANDA praised the government for its assistance, including the certification of LEMEKANI’S remains, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the government, the entire nation is in mourning with the grieving family as Zambia lost one of its own due to unfortunate events.

The Nyirenda family was commended for placing their trust in the government during the process by the director of internal relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KABUYI MPOROKOSO, who read the address on their behalf.

More over a month ago, the body of Lemekani was brought into the nation.

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