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Inspirational Speaker Felix Banda Dead

Galamukani, a well-known motivational speaker also known as FELIX BANDA, has passed away.

Family friend CHIBAMBA KANYAMA verified to ZNBC news that Mr. BANDA passed away in the early hours of this morning at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

According to Mr. KANYAMA, Zambia has lost a fantastic motivational speaker who helped a lot of people succeed via his works.

He claimed that Mr. BANDA was not only an effective motivational speaker but also a fantastic businessman who made significant contributions to the corporate sector.

Mr. KANYAMA added that Mr. BANDA was a dedicated and diligent individual.

He claimed that Mr. BANDA was so devoted to his profession that he continued to put in time at the office despite being ill.

Three children and a wife survive Mr. BANDA.

On a ZNBC Business Values TV program hosted by Chibamba Kanyama, Felix Banda used to have a motivational speaker as a guest.

He always ended his portion on the program with the phrase “Galamukani,” which means wake up.

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