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Arrest of Mubita Nawa Confirmed By Police

Mubita Nawa, a supporter of the UNITED Party for National Development (UPND), has been held in police detention in connection with two offenses: providing false information to a public official and assault causing actual bodily harm.

The nine other individuals charged with Mr. Nawa include two men from the Makeni neighborhood of Lusaka, Lukama Kanguya, 43, and Isaac Kanguya, 55, who were earlier apprehended in Mukushi.

Mr. Mubita Nawa, who was detained in Solwezi and is about to be brought to the scene of the alleged offenses, was instructed yesterday along with others to turn themselves in to police.

Police have jointly prosecuted and detained a couple from Lusaka for the offenses of Providing False Information to a Public Official and Assault Causing Actual Bodily Injury, according to Central Province Police Commissioner David Chileshe.

“The copule went to Mkushi Police station and lied to the officer in Charge and other Government Officials that the Governmenet of the Republic of Zambia had given Sucko Mine in Mkushi to Unknown youths and that they were free to commence mining activities when in fact this was not true. The trio whilst acting together with others unknown did also assault and occasion actual bodily harm,”

“The person’s assaulted were Bright aged 30, of a security guard, James Ndalama aged 31,a security guard, Steven Siame aged 24, of a security guard, Siwila Manase aged 30, a security guard and Hachipola Mambo aged 38 a truck driver reported that he was assaulted by Moses other names not known, Gabriel Misengo aged 38, also a truck driver, Obby Siwila aged 40, a security guard, Sunday Silungwe aged 26 a truck driver, and Kaineti Anthony aged 31 of Water Affairs Mkushi,” he said.

According to Mr. Chileshe, John Smith, Lewis, Musonda, and other individuals with unknown last names have all yet to be interviewed in relation to the same offenses.

Kolopa (other names), Hendricks (other names), Dominic (other names), and Mwansa Charles are some examples.

“Mr Mubita Nawa was also part of the people that were advised and urged to hand themselves over to police , but he has since been detained in Solwezi,” he said.

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