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Attempting to control raging mob in Luanshya, Police officers hurt

Six Luanshya police officers were hurt in comparable circumstances just a few weeks after nine Katete police officers were attacked in Kamwaza village.

Following the death of a 19-year-old boy who they believe was bewitched by his grandmother, the officers were hurt when they attempted to interrupt a traditional practice known as “bwela bwela” and were stoned by a mob of about 500 people.

Additionally, Copperbelt commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba stated in a statement that the event took place in the Luanshya settlement of Kawama of Mpatamatu.

According to Mr. Mweemba, a worried member of the public said that a group was acting riotously due to the death of Enock Kaoma, who passed away last week after vomiting blood.

He claimed that because of this, the locals of Kawama Township believed that the deceased had been possessed by his grandmother, who is currently missing.

Police rushed to the scene where burial was taking place and found an agitated mob of over 500 people already conducting a traditional ritual commonly known as “Bwela Bwela”. In the process of containing the situation the following officers were stoned and injured by the same riotous mob Constable Kaala sustained cuts on the lip and forehead, Constable Chansa sustained bruises on the head and left leg, Constable Tembo sustained painful right side of the chest, Constable Kasongo sustained a painful right shoulder, Inspector Shandavu sustained a painful right shoulder and Sergeant Mambwe sustained a painful left leg,” he said

According to Mr. Mweemba, a Toyota Land Cruiser ZP2025B used by the police was also hit by a stone, shattering the front windscreen.

With reinforcement from Luanshya Police station, Roan Police Station, Luanshya District Police, Division OPs and Kamfinsa Mobile Unit after containing the situation, the body was buried by Police. The conditions of the injured officers is reported to be stable with minor injuries. No one was apprehended, but investigations have been instituted to identify culprits,” he said.


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