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Driver of Nkombo accused of reckless driving

Driver of Local Government and Rural Development Minister Gary Nkombo has been accused of reckless driving.

This comes after a collision involving two vehicles owned by Mr. Nkombo and the minister of transportation and logistics, Frank Tayali, that occurred yesterday at 17:45 hours on Great North Road in the William region.

Panji Simanansa, the driver of Mr. Nkombo, was charged with careless driving and has now paid an admission of guilt fee, according to a statement from police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale.

“Involved was a Toyota Land Cruiser registration number BAZ 1588 which was driven by Davy Banda aged 36 of Lilayi area in Lusaka who was driving from the direction of Kabwe to Lusaka with three passengers on board including Frank Tayali and a Toyota Land Cruiser registration number GRZ 914 CN, the official motor vehicle for Garry Nkombo who was on board and driven by Panji Simanansa aged 44 of Lusaka West. The motor vehicle was also heading in the same direction,” Mr Mwale said.

He claimed that as they were approaching speed bumps, Mr. Simanansa miscalculated the clearance distance and attempted to rear-end the other vehicle.

All occupants from both vehicles escaped unhurt.Honourable Nkombo’s vehicle had its front part extensively damaged while Honorable Tayali’s vehicle had its rear part deformed,” Mr Mwale said.


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