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Attempting to smuggle 4,200 bags of maize, 8 trucks were impounded

Eight lorries from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) were seized at Mpulungu Port in Northern Province with 4,200 by 50-kilogram bags of maize on board.

Officials in Northern Province seized the trucks carrying the corn that was believed to be headed for several nations bordering Lake Tanganyika.

While several trucks were being stacked at the Mpulungu Police Station, it was revealed that some of the corn was being unloaded at a milling business at the Mpulungu Harbour.

According to Timothy Chanda, the FRA’s Province Marketing Officer, the government gave the Nakonde Milling Company the corn with the direction that they sell it to nearby millers at a discount.

Moreover, Northern Province Permanent Secretary BERNARD MPUNDU stated that a solution must be found to the growing illegal export of maize, which is depriving local consumers.

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