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EU To Put K250 Million Into Improving Cooking’s Energy Efficiency

In an effort to stop deforestation, the European Union (EU) has pledged 250 million Kwacha to fund businesses that develop innovations that increase cooking’s energy efficiency.


According to EU Ambassador to Zambia JACEK JANKOWSKI, over the course of five years, the project will assist 1.3 million people in Zambia.


According to Mr. JANKOWSKI, the Modern Cooking Facility for Africa program will guarantee that Zambia has the proper infrastructure and technology in place to encourage excellent cooking practices, prevent deforestation, and promote good health, particularly among women.

Mr. JANKOWSKI stated that the initiative is being adopted in the other African nations while speaking at the Modern Cooking Facility for Africa launch in Lusaka.

Also, the private sector will take the lead in the effort to offer affordable renewable energy solutions, according to Sweden Ambassador to Zambia JOHAN HALLENBORG.


The country of Zambia, according to Finance Minister SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE, has a serious deforestation problem as well as health issues related to charcoal burning.


Dr. MUSOKOTWANE stated in a speech read for him by Permanent Secretary for Finance DANIES CHISENDA that the grants offered through the program will contribute in reducing deforestation.

Zambia has received the most investment, according to Nefco, a Swedish company that is managing the project.

According to Nefco Vice President of Special Funds ASH SHARMA, 14 million Euros would be given to Zambian private businesses that take part in the initiative.

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