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Attempts to cancel PF general conference slated for March 2023 uncovered

According to Miles Sampa, attempts to postpone the Patriotic Front general congress scheduled for March 2023 were discovered.

Presidential candidate for the PATRIOTIC FRONT (PF), Miles Sampa, claims there are plans to call off the general conference scheduled for March 2023.

Mr. Sampa asserts that some of the candidates behind the schemes are aware that they are going to lose.

They want to find every justification they can to prevent the party’s grassroots from choosing the leader they want. Their goal is to maintain a top leadership vacuum so they will have ample time to market names of either their favoured decoys or unsaleable self, according to Mr. Sampa.

He reassured his supporters that no self-serving person or group of people will take advantage of him or any other well-intentioned candidates.

“Those who decided not to apply by the terms and deadline established by the central committee shouldn’t believe they can enter the race through the back door by arguing against the cancellation of the elective March 2023 general conference.

It is not unexpected that the same individuals who played a significant part in the ouster of our beloved President Edgar Lungu and the PF are also responsible for the uncertainty that led to the cancellation of the general conference scheduled for March 2023. By whatever means are required,” he stated.

Mr. Sampa further said that he would reveal the perpetrators of the scams when it was appropriate.

“Let’s avoid shaking like the batwangasha pafula. In March 2023, the general conference will be held. Everything else, including changing the constitution if necessary, is possible, he said.

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