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Court hears how Student barely passed 3 subjects Enrolled in UNZA

Court hears how a student who barely passed three subjects enrolled in UNZA and later obtained employment.

The trial for a student who is charged with seven charges of forgery and uttering fake documents began Wednesday with testimony from the accused’s former teacher.

Precious Manase, 29, was only able to pass three of the seven courses she attempted in her Grade 12 exams in 2009, according to testimony provided to the court.

In the seven counts, Manase of Meanwood Ibex is accused of fabricating fake documents and forging a school diploma in order to enroll as a student at the University of Zambia (UNZA).

She is also accused of forging the Joint Examination for School Certificate and General Certificate of Examination (GCE) results declarations, according to the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ).

She is also accused of lying about having a complete Grade 12 diploma, which she used to get a job at Zesco as an assistant call center agent and assistant customer care officer.

Additionally, she is accused of obtaining financial advantage while employed by Zesco in the form of pay and benefits totaling K429,972.68.

Her former teacher at Munali Girls Secondary School narrated that Manase was a former student at the school during a hearing before Lusaka Magistrate Irene Wushimanga.

After the accused, whom he taught Religious Education, took her Grade 12 exams in 2009, according to Lamion Mbewe, she only passed three of the seven courses that she took.

She received nines or an inadequate grade in biology, science, RE, and maths.

She received a 6 in English, which is a credit, a 9 in math, which is unsatisfactory, a 9 in religious education, an unsatisfactory grade, and a 9 in science, which is a credit, according to Mr. Mbewe.

Additionally, he said in court that Manase never took the agriculture science exam since she failed it.

Another witness from UNZA testified that the accused submitted a Grace 12 statement of results when she enrolled at the school, showing that she received a seven in English, a four in RE, a two in Maths, and a four in Science.

Additionally, the witness informed the court that Manase had shown a Grade 12 GCE from Kafue Day Secondary, showing that she received a two in English and a three in Science.

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