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Auditor General Counsels Controlling Officers

According to Auditor General DICK SICHEMBE, his office will be more assertive and proactive in preventing the misuse of public monies.

Dr. SICHEMBE asserts that his office’s mandate is to promote openness, responsibility, and caution in the use of public resources and that it will not compromise in its efforts to safeguard tax payer money.

Dr. SICHEMBE stated that the training will assist Permanent Secretaries and other controlling officials in stopping the misuse of public funds during a sensitization session for controlling officers today in Lusaka.

He claimed that if controlling officers adhere to the established financial management procedures, the majority of audit queries in the Auditor General’s Reports can be avoided.

It is disappointing, according to Secretary of the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa, that financial irregularities keep popping up in the Auditor General’s reports.

Mr. KANGWA stated that his office will assist the Auditor General’s office in preventing misuse of public monies.

He issued a warning that public employees who are found guilty of misusing public monies will not be spared.

The head of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee, WARREN MWAMBAZI, asserted that controlling officers must take steps to prevent audit inquiries.

The protection of public funds must be ensured, according to Mr. MWAMBAZI, who is also a member of the Bwana Mkubwa Parliament.

All of the Permanent Secretaries, Commission Chairpersons, and Heads of Procurement from Government agencies attended the training.

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