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Bailiffs attack Citibank’s premises in Zambia

COURT bailiffs rushed on Citibank Zambia this afternoon to execute a verdict in a protracted legal dispute between the bank and Suhayl Dudhia.

Following a 10-year court struggle started by a former employee who was awarded damages by the Industrial Relations Court in 2019, the bailiffs were at Citibank to carry out the most recent verdict against the bank.

After being dissatisfied with the verdict, Citibank appealed the Industrial Relations Court’s decision in the Court of Appeal. Following a recent precedent, the Court of Appeal ruled that the case should be sent back to the High Court for a new trial because it took more than a year to resolve.

Once more unhappy with this Court of Appeal decision, Citibank filed an appeal with the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice presided over the Supreme Court bench and issued a historic decision that has been praised by the entire legal community. The Chief Justice overturned the hated Court of Appeal precedent and dismissed Citibank’s appeal, upholding the High Court decision of the former Citibank employee.

Yet, Citibank has forced a seizure that the bailiffs attempted to impose this afternoon in an effort to avoid paying the judgment amount despite the Supreme Court’s historic decision.

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