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Benefits for Zampost Retirees being processed

According to Principal Secretary BRILLIAN HABEENZU of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the government is processing payouts for each and every retired ZAMPOST employee.

Between 2014 and 2015, the employees were retired.

According to Dr. HABEENZU, his office has already given the ministry of finance the names of every retiree from the ZAMPOST in order to process compensation, as reported by ZNBC News in Kitwe.

He claimed that the government had finished auditing the list of retirees who needed to be paid and had forwarded the beneficiaries’ names to the ministry of finance for payments.

He was responding to a large group of ex-ZAMPOST workers who had gathered at the ZNBC Kitwe station to voice their displeasure at the delays in their retirement bonuses.

A retiree named GODFREY HANDONDO said that despite being officially retired since 2014, they had yet to get their retirement benefits.

He insisted that until their dues are paid, the government put them back on the payroll.

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