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Health Professionals Warn Presidential Entourage Not to Visit Nc’wala

The presidential entourage has been warned by the Ministry of Health NOT to attend the Nc’wala ceremony in Chipata.

According to SLYVIA MASEBO, minister of health, the Ministry of Health believes that this will support the gains gained in the management of Covid 19 and cholera.

The additional political audience that the Head of State’s presence is expected to draw will certainly put a strain on the treatment and prevention of the two diseases, according to Ms. MASEBO.

There is a higher danger of exposure to the bacteria or virus that causes cholera, according to Ms. MASEBO in a statement to ZNBC News.

She claims that the District and Provincial Multi-Sectorial Teams are working to provide clean water and sanitation facilities as well as promote good hygiene practices in order to create a safe environment.

Ms. MASEBO has additionally urged attendees at the NCWALA Traditional ceremony to remain aware and follow local cholera and covidium 19 public health recommendations.

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