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HH promises corruption Will not be tolerated

In a speech to the legislature, PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema urged lawmakers to join the administration in the battle against corruption.

When it comes to making sure that corruption is eliminated at every level, the Head of State has emphasized that there will be no sacred cows.

He claimed that the progress made in the previous 10 days, during which some Presidential appointees were dismissed on the basis of corruption allegations, demonstrated this.

Mr. Hichilema concurred that the battle against corruption should not be referred to as selective or interpreted as targeting particular ethnic groups, since it is instead being carried out by people who are misusing public resources for their own self-serving personal gain.

“In the fight against corruption, there shall be no sacred cow. You have seen in the past 10 days the President’s own appointees have been fired because of corruption. Do not call the fight against corruption selective based or targeting a certain ethnic group. If you too public money, you did not take it for your ethnic groups. You took it for yourself. We have also engaged traditional leaders concerning corruption. No one will hide under traditional leaders to steal. We cannot allow people to supply air all in the name of corruption. This house should work together and and the entire country should work together against corruption. Now we are rebuilding the economy,” he said.

He claimed that in order to have a morally and ethically honest nation, individuals must embrace hard work and refrain from looking for free things.


President Hichilema stated the need for united efforts to advance national values and principles in his speech, which also touched on patriotism and national unity, democracy, good governance, sustainable development, and human dignity.


He emphasized once more how important it is to end problems like alcoholism, gender-based violence, child marriage, and teen pregnancies.

However, he said that following the establishment of the National Alcohol Policy, the government launched senitization campaigns, as a result of which approximately 523,973 persons have been made aware of the dangers of alcoholism, as opposed to 217,234 in 2021.

Further, Government continues to provide rehabilitation services. As of 2022, 1,212 children were rehabilitated as compared to only 810 in 2021. Going forward, Government will enhance the National Alcohol Policy.

He claimed that since children were already enrolled in school, programs like free education were just one of several measures implemented to assist battle child marriage and teen pregnancy.

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