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Bowman found with case to answer

FORMER Minister Bowman Lusambo of the Lusaka Province is accused of attempting to obstruct witnesses, and he has been determined to have a case to answer.

Since then, he has been in the defense of a magistrate.

Mr. Lusambo was detained in May 2022 on suspicion of interfering with a witness.

Assaulting a witness was a charge and an arrest made by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Mr. Lusambo, 45, of Lusaka’s Chamba Valley neighborhood, has been charged with three counts of attempting to obstruct a witness in violation of sections 112 (1) (b) and 389 (1) of the penal code, all of which are included in Cap. 87 of the Zambian laws.

“Details in the three counts are that, Mr. Lusambo, on dates unknown but between 7th February 2022 and 7th April 2022, in order to obstruct the due course of justice did endeavor to dissuade or prevent three named persons to give evidence as witnesses before a court of law,” the Commission said in a statement

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