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Branch manager of Zambeef Runs with more than K200,000

After allegedly opening the safe and stealing more than K200,000, the manager of a ZAMBEEF branch in Mpika is said to be on the run.

It’s thought that the event took place last week.

According to police sources, a crew member for Armaguard Mpika complained on behalf of Zambeef Mpika that money was purportedly taken by branch manager Chipelembe Wesley Nyirenda, who is currently missing, in a case of theft by servant.

A sum of K207,829 was stolen from the Zambeef safe and strongly suspect the branch manager Chipelembe Wesley Nyirenda who is currently on the run. The scene was visited and it was established that the safe was not broken and instead alleged to have been opened using the keys,” the sources said.

Police have since instituted investigations in the matter

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