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Brazilian Cotton Industry Collaboration is Being Explored

To investigate possibilities for cooperation in the cotton sector, a delegation of experts from the Brazilian Corporation Agency is now in Zambia.

The government requested the visit through the Cotton Board of Zambia, and it is a step in a process to connect the nation to potential south-south collaboration.

Possible areas of collaboration include, among others, the provision of extension services, research financing, pest control, and the creation of field guides.

RAYMOND MPUNDU, chair of the Cotton Board of Zambia, says the board wants Brazil to assist Zambia in increasing cotton yield.

Mr. MPUNDU is confident that Brazil’s engagement will benefit the industry in Zambia because it is the second-largest exporter on the market and the fourth-largest producer of cotton.

Zambia’s cotton business has the potential to expand, according to EDEN MARTINGO, the second secretary for the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Western and Southern Africa Division.

According to Mr. MARTINGO, Zambia should start identifying specific technical issues that are impeding the sector’s expansion.

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