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By Dec 2023, MPOSHA wants the KAFULAFUTA DAM Water Project finished

The contractor at the Kafulafuta Dam Water Project has been instructed by Minister of Water Development and Sanitation MIKE MPOSHA to finish the remaining work by December 2023.

According to Mr. MPOSHA, the Copperbelt residents have waited a long time for the project to be finished so they may have access to clean and safe drinking water.

When he visited the project in Masaiti District, the minister was speaking.

He claims that 20 million US dollars from the 2022 supplemental budget had been provided by the government to help finish the project.

And if the money comes in smoothly, China Complete Engineering Corporation Business Manager BRUCE WANG is certain that the project would be finished by December 2023.

After it is finished, the Kafulafuta Dam will provide three districts in the Copperbelt, Luanshya, Ndola, and Masaiti, with around 360,000 cubic liters of water each day.

The project was to cost more than $400 million to complete, and construction got under way in 2017.

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