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GARY NKOMBO Gives Christmas Babies Hampers

According to GARY NKOMBO, minister of local government and rural development, the government is making every effort to keep up with the rising demand for medical facilities and services brought on by population growth.

When he presented Christmas baskets to infants at Lusaka’s Chipata Level One Hospital, Mr. NKOMBO was speaking.

First Lady MUTINTA HICHILEMA provided the hampers as a gift.

13 Christmas babies—9 boys and 4 girls—were delivered at the hospital by 10:30 a.m.

In addition to thanking the First Lady for her kindness, Mr. Nkombo praised the hospital personnel for making sure the moms’ deliveries went smoothly.

He also expressed gratitude to other organizations that gave the hospital Christmas hampers and other food items.

The medical director of Chipata Level One Facility, MATAA MATAA, stated that the hospital had a high birth rate of 700 infants each month.

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