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By February, fewer load shedding hours are anticipated

According to ZESCO Limited, less load shedding hours are anticipated by February.

With the predicted rise in water levels by February, according to ZESCO Kariba Senior Power Station Manager CEPHAS MUSEBA, the nation would experience an increase in power generation from 200 to 400 Megawatts, which will further convert into lessened load shedding.

According to Mr. MUSEBA, the current load shedding is being used to prevent further lowering of the reservoir level.

He was addressing an audience in Siavonga today during a presentation to Energy Minister PETER KAPALA, who was joined by Ministers for the Southern Province CORNELIUS MWEETWA, the Green Economy COLLINS NZOVU, and the Information Permanent Secretary KENNEDY KALUNGA.

And Mr. KAPALA claimed that Zambia has currently reduced its power exports by 20%.

To maintain bilateral ties with the nations that purchase power from ZESCO, the Minister did point out that his ministry has not completely stopped exporting power.

Additionally, the Kariba watershed area is expected to get consistent rainfall, which would allow the lake levels to rise, according to the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA).

The ZRA’s Director of Water Resources, CHRISTOPHER CHISENSE, stated that by April, the Authority expects the lake’s water levels to considerably climb.

And Mr. CHISENSE claimed that load shedding, which is being practiced by Zambia and Zimbabwe, had caused the water levels in Lake Kariba to start rising.

He praised ZESCO for adhering to its water allocation and claimed that Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) had been fined US$1.8 million for exceeding its water allotment.

Mr. CHISENSE added that the tripartite water purchase agreement needs to be reviewed in order to toughen the consequences for overuse.

The Kariba dam plunge pool and the spillway gates need to be renovated quickly, according to ZRA Chief Executive Officer MUNODAWAFA MUNYARADZI, thus the two nations must support the authority.

And Mr. NZOVU informed ZRA that Zambia will provide assistance so that the dam wall protection work is finished.

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