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HH Nods at ZCCB’s Message of Solidarity

The Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops – ZCCB – has expressed their gratitude to President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA for his decision to ratify the bill that abolished the death penalty.

The repeal of the death penalty, according to President HICHILEMA, was a crucial affirmation of the nation’s determination to put more emphasis on the preservation and rehabilitation of life.

The Head of State claims that the government is also working to enhance all facets of the legal system of the nation in order to guarantee that victims of all crimes receive swift and meaningful justice.

Additionally, President HICHILEMA underlined his intention to cooperate and work with the Church to bring about vital social and economic benefits for all citizens.

He asserts that government completely embraces the Body of Christ in all its diversity and views it as a crucial voice in advancing the socioeconomic goals of the people.

According to a statement made by ANTHONY BWALYA, the presidential spokesperson, this is the case.

The death penalty was abolished on January 4th, according to a statement by the Catholic Bishops.

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