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Cases of COVID-19 are increasing

Following a spike in COVID-19 cases and fatalities nationwide, the Ministry of Health put its surveillance staff on high alert.

SYLVIA MASEBO, the health minister, has revealed that 311 new cases and 3 deaths related to Covid-19 have been reported in the past day.

A new sub variation of the omicron Coronavirus known as XBB, according to Ms. MASEBO, is to blame for the increase in COVID-19 cases.

Today, Ms. MASEBO raised concern about the rising positive rate in the provinces during a news conference in Lusaka.

She exhorted the populace to take precautions against the sickness.

Nine people admitted for COVID-19 are on oxygen, and three are in critical condition, according to the minister.

According to Ms. MASEBO, Lusaka had 73 cases of COVID-19 on the previous day, followed by the Southern Province with 62 cases, Copperbelt with 61 cases, and Central Province with 48 cases.

She said that no cases had been reported in the previous day in Muchinga or the Northern Provinces.

As the rainy season is now fully underway, Ms. MASEBO has encouraged Zambians to take precautions against cholera and other watery infections.

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