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Cabinet Decisions Need Teamwork, Says Kasanda

Government policies are adopted through a careful and consultative process, according to Chief Government Spokesman CHUSHI KASANDA, and no Cabinet member acts independently.

According to Ms. KASANDA, Cabinet discussion and input from other stakeholders, such as Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), are used to collaboratively decide on policies and other significant national choices.

She claims it is incorrect for President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA to act alone in making important decisions for the country because the government bases its actions on a shared vision embodied in the Vision 2030 and other Development Plans.

According to Ms. KASANDA, decisions about policies are taken after ministers engage with technocrats and other interested parties and offer their recommendations to the cabinet for discussion.

This was stated today in Lusaka at a press briefing by Ms. KASASANDA, who is also the Minister of Information and Communication.

Four other Cabinet Ministers as well as SIAZONGO SIAKALENGE, the Deputy Secretary to Cabinet for Finance and Economic Development, were present at the press conference.

MULAMBO HAIMBE from the Law Department, FELIX MUTATI from Technology and Science, BRENDA TAMBATAMBA from Labor, and MTOLO PHIRI from Agriculture were the four ministers who joined Ms. KASANDA.

The Ministers spoke about numerous national issues, including floods and the price of meals, in turn.

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