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No More Street Vendors Selling Prepared Meals, Hamaundu

In order to stop cholera epidemics, according to Local Government Permanent Secretary for Administration MAAMBO HAAMAUNDU, the administration has outlawed the sale of cooked food on the streets.

According to Mr. HAAMAUNDU, his Ministry won’t stop until everyone is free from cholera.

According to him, every life matters and losing even one person to cholera is detrimental to the development of the nation.

In Lusaka, Mr. HAAMAUNDU participated in a ZNBC News interview.

And OLIVE CHIKANGUSAULU has praised the administration for the measures taken to stop the cholera outbreak.

In addition, Ms. CHIKANGUSAULU advised people to constantly cooperate with the government in the fight against the cholera outbreak by taking all required precautions.

In order to prevent cholera, SAMUEL MUTALE has recommended people to always purchase meals from reputable restaurants rather than the streets.

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