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Canoe capsizes & family of three, including baby perishe

In the Mushindamo district of North-Western province, a FAMILY of three, including a baby, perished when the canoe they were in collapsed when they were attempting to cross the Kilumba river.

A mother who was also in the canoe that capsized in the same incident lost her child after learning that it had passed away on her back once she had made it to land and was able to swim to safety.

Due to flooding in the area, the bodies of the other deceased people have not yet been retrieved.

The tragic occurrence, which North-Western commanding officer Davies Moola revealed to Mwebantu, happened on Friday of last week near the Kilumba River in Mushindamo.

Five persons had reportedly drowned, according to Chieftaness Chikola’s retainer, according to Mr. Moola.

“It was reported that five people namely Philius Kimpakete aged between 20 and 30 years, Liness Kabulwe aged between 19 and 25 years,Agnes Kimpakete aged between 7 to 11 months ,Swaze Bwato age not known and unknown names and age, but child to Swaze Bwato drowned in Kilumba river in chiefteness Chikola’s area in Mushindamo District.

The brief facts are that a group of people were coming from Mushindamo Border. When they reached at the same said river, started crossing using a canoe to the other side of the river, which was being paddled by Philius Kimpakete who managed to cross with a good number of them,” he said.

He claimed that Mr. Kimpakete, who is now deceased, and the paddler picked up the woman carrying a child on her back, Ms. Liness, who is also dead, and another woman, Swaze Bwato, who was also carrying a child.

“As they were crossing the river ,the canoe they were in capsized and they all fell into the same river. Swaze Bwato managed to swim with her child on her back and got out of the river. unfortunately it was discovered that, her child had died.”

“The paddler, his wife and their child, drowned and were carried away by the current of water. A search by the locals is underway .The relatives with help members of the Public have been advised to continue searching for the bodies. However, it is difficult to access the area, because it is impassable due to floods,” he said.

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