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Ministers denounce opposition MPs’ use of tribal language

SEVEN cabinet ministers have expressed worry about the political tactics used by the Patriotic Front (PF), an opposition party, and others, claiming that ethnic politics threatens to degenerate the nation.

The ministers argued that tribal politics should be abandoned because they threaten to destabilize the nation and spark a civil war.

The administration, according to the ministers, which included Frank Tayali, Chushi Kasanda, Elvis Nkandu, Chipoka Mulenga, Felix Mutati, and Paul Kabuswe, is working to improve the nation by fostering togetherness rather than fostering conflict based on ethnic tales.

Mr. Tayali, the minister of transportation and logistics, lamented the fact that the opposition’s politics had taken a tribal turn and urged an end to it.

“We have intermarried. Love goes beyond and cuts across tribal divide. Let us not ignite a flame you will not be able to quench. Tribalism should stop, ” he said.

Minister of Sports Elvis Nkandu said it was sad and regrettable that President Hichilema could be interrogated for redeploying people which

“Why this tribal talk? Is it only him who has redeployed someone? There are numerous examples of redeployments that have happened. Nevers Mumba for example was a vice president, but then redployed as an ambassador. Zambians will not listen to tribal talk. I advise they do not listen to such,” he said.

He said that the narrative that the opposition was giving Zambian people that Government had failed was wrong.

“It is important to give chance to other tribes and also people that can take us somewhere. Leave HH alone. What has he done to you. The one you said will not be President is now President,” he said.

Tribalism, according to Mines Minister Paul Kabuswe, “may ignite the nation.”

They want to start a war against tribes, but we won’t let it, he declared.

Mr. Mutati urged Zambians and President Hichilema to focus on improving Zambia and to keep their sights on the prize.

Additionally, Ms. Kasanda, the minister of information, expressed her disbelief at the government’s arrogance in speaking out after bringing the nation to its knees.

After all they had the country go through, she stated, “I am amazed that PF can still open their mouth now.”

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