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CB COUNCILS are instructed to finish integrating plans

Councils on the Copperbelt have been ordered by the government to finish drafting their Integrated Development Plans by May of this year.

Integrated Development Plans have already been created by councils including Chililabombwe, Ndola, and Luanshya, which has been acknowledged by local government and rural development minister GARY NKOMBO.

According to Mr. NKOMBO, the creation of these plans is essential for reducing poverty because they would encourage efficient planning and service delivery.

He claims that this is consistent with the government’s strategy of giving local communities more power.

At the unveiling of the province of Copperbelt’s integrated development plans, Mr. Nkombo made this statement.

The introduction of the integrated development plan, according to Copperbelt Minister ELISHA MATAMBO, will encourage the coordinated implementation of government initiatives.

In a speech delivered on his behalf by the Provincial Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mr. MATAMBO made this statement.

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