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Kk Is Remembered By Livingstone

According to several citizens of Livingstone, the first Republican president, KENNETH KAUNDA, would be remembered for his constructive role in the expansion of numerous economic sectors.

In Livingstine, folks have been interacting with ZNBC news ahead of April 28, which is KK National Day.

One of the locals, LAIVEN APULENI, recalls President KAUNDA as a visionary who valued education so much that he provided free education to every Zambian.

President KAUNDA will always be regarded as a hero who battled for the peace that Zambians are now able to enjoy, according to MARK MWANZA, a resident of Livingstone.

The First Republican President was commended by GABRIEL SITUMBEKO for bringing the nation together and was hailed as one of Zambia’s greatest sons ever.

The first president of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda, would be remembered as a person who did not accumulate riches over the 27 years of his leadership, according to CARITAS Zambia in Solwezi, North-Western Province.

The late President, according to Father HAANINGA, had every potential to enrich himself but chose not to because serving humanity came first.

Prior to the KK national Day, which falls on April 28, Father HAANINGA reportedly gave a speech in Solwezi.

Father HAANINGA has urged all national leaders to inspire others to serve others by setting an exemplary example.

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