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CDF-funded school desks Rejected by Chimwemwe MP

ALLEN BANDA, a representative for Chimwemwe, has rejected school desks that were provided by cooperatives who were given access to Constituency Development Funds.

According to Mr. Banda, approximately 300 desks for schools in the Chimwemwe constituency of Kitwe were to be provided by cooperatives, but the majority of those desks were of poor quality.

According to him, the cooperative will not be permitted to supply the final 400 desks as specified in the contract.

Mr. BANDA stated that it is terrible that those who have the means to deliver the goods are providing a subpar service.

The 102 desks that were provided at the Ishuko Primary School will only be used by the primary section, according to school headteacher PETER NG’UNI, as they are not sturdy enough to last for an extended period of time.

Mr. NG’UNI advised using Mukwa because it is more durable when those hired to provide desks in schools under CDF.

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