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The Disease Burden in Zambia Shifts to NCDs

Zambia’s illness burden is shifting to non-communicable diseases, according to LACKSON KASONKA, the Permanent Secretary for Technical Services at the Ministry of Health.

According to Professor KASONKA, NCDs are rapidly replacing infectious diseases and malnutrition as the leading cause of disability and premature death in developing countries.

When he formally opened the PEN Plus clinic—a package of essential non-communicable disease interventions—at Matero First Level Hospital, Professor KASONKA made this statement.

The Mwachisompola First Level Hospital is also included in the launch.

According to Professor KASONKA, Pen-Plus is an integrated delivery approach for the chronic treatment of severe NCDs at facilities at the intermediate level, such district hospitals.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) country representative, NATHAN BAKYAITA, expressed his organization’s satisfaction that the program it designed is now being executed and promised increased funding.

In the meantime, CIDRZ Chief Executive Officer IZUKANJI SIKAZWE stated that equipment has been purchased for the program and that nurses and clinical officers have received training to be ready to handle NCDs.

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