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The LUAPULA Aquaculture Park is almost finished

At the one million dollar Luapula aquaculture service center, the majority of the infrastructure is nearly finished.

According to MIGHTY MUMBA, the Permanent Secretary of the Luapula Province, the government is creating an aquaculture park in Samfya to promote fish farming in response to the declining fish populations in the region’s largest lakes.

According to Mr. MUMBA, the aquaculture service park will include workshops, ten homes, four fish ponds, and an office building.

At the Samfya aquaculture park, he said that 80% of the infrastructure is nearly finished.

The PS also noted that the fish populations in the main water bodies in Luapula are rapidly declining, necessitating a restocking effort with the resources at hand.

The Fiyongoli feed facility, meanwhile, is nearly finished being built in Mansa, the provincial seat of Luapula.

According to Mr. MUMBA, the Fiyongoli feed mill will increase fish farming in the area by providing feed stock to the entire Luapula.

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