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A bank forecasts better economic days

This year’s economic prognosis is expected to be favorable, according to African Banking Corporation (ABC), which will increase the country’s investment potential.

Moreover, ABC’s total assets increased by 361 million Kwacha in 2022 compared to the 254 million Kwacha recorded in 2021.

According to ZANIS, NICHOLAS KABASO, the head of asset management at ABC, ascribed the increase in assets to the main economic headwinds both locally and globally.

Speaking at ABC Asset Management’s annual general meeting in Lusaka was Mr. KABASO.

Mr. KABASO has reassured clients and investors that their money won’t be impacted by the merger of Atlas Mara and Access bank Zambia.

He clarified that the management of the shareholding had changed because it will now be handled by Access bank from AtlasMara.

Mr. KABASO continued by saying that business will continue as usual and that the bank is dedicated to effectively rescuing its customers.

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