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Govt Satisfies All Imf Requirements For First Recovery Program

SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE, minister of finance and national planning, claims that the government has achieved a perfect score on the benchmarks set under the IMF economic recovery program obtained in August 2022.

Dr. MUSOKOTWANE said in a statement to the media in Lusaka that the findings of the IMF review show that Zambia has effectively met the IMF’s expectations regarding the compliance of the benchmarks.

He claimed that Zambia’s road toward putting the debt restructuring package into effect depends on the results.

But, according to Dr. MUSOKOTWANE, the staff level agreement with the IMF is not the last judgment on how well the nation is performing in accordance with the rescue package.

He claimed that Zambia’s excellent performance in meeting the criteria is not surprising given the government’s commitment to economic change.

Dr. MUSOKOTWANE has added that the government is hopeful that the outcomes will significantly aid in the implementation of the debt restructuring program.

Dr. MUSOKOTWANE added that the government is still dedicated to carrying out its economic plans in a credible manner.

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