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Central Province Eliminates Cattle Movement Ban

In the Central Province’s Chisamba and Chibombo Districts, the government has relaxed the restriction on cattle movement.

The Contagious Bovine Pleuro pneumonia (CBPP) has been brought under control in the two districts, according to Assistant Director of the Department of Veterinary Services, PAUL FANDAMU, allowing for the movement of cattle.

Dr. FANDAMU stated the department is only waiting for the gazette so the animals in the said areas can start moving freely during a courtesy call on Central Province Permanent Secretary MILNER MWANAKAMPWE.

The government no longer charges escort fees to veterinary personnel as a result of the considerable decline in Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) cases, according to Dr. FANDAMU.

He claimed that escort fees had been discontinued and that the responsible ministry had instructed cattle owners not to worry about it in a statement that was released last week.

The large population of cattle in Central Province, according to earlier remarks by WILLIAM KATONGO, Director of Human Resources and Administration for the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock.

The Permanent Secretary was informed by Mr. KATONGO that his team was in the province for consultation sessions with stakeholders about the creation of the 2022–2026 Strategic Plan.

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