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Sesheke Donns K1.4 Million In CDF Funds

Grants from the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) totaling more than 1.4 million Kwacha have been distributed to Sesheke district residents.

ROMEO KANG’OMBE, a member of parliament from Sesheke, officially presented the checks to 87 women’s and youth’s cooperatives in the area.

Additionally, Mr. KANG’OMBE has urged the people of Sesheke to apply for private loans through CDF.

He claims he has been alarmed by how few members of the constituency have applied for personal loans.

WAKUNG’UMA as well The empowerment will enhance the lives of several women and young people in the district, according to WAKUNG’UMA, a spokesperson of the beneficiaries, who praised the government for it.

The extended and increased CDF for 2022, according to Sesheke Council Secretary Thomas Zimba, has made the council’s job of distributing the funding to applicants simple.

Additionally, Sesheke CDF Chairperson Kenneth Aketa has applauded Sesheke Council management for their careful handling of the monies.

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