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Chibombo class teacher intoxicates 16-year-old pupil & Violates her

After s-abusing his 16-year-old grade seven student, a 46-year-old teacher at an unnamed school in the Chibombo region was detained and charged with rape.

After giving the victim whiskey to make her drunk, the perpetrator is thought to have violated her twice while she was unconscious.

The culprit, who also happens to be the victim’s class instructor, picked her up and forced her to consume the whiskey at the market.

After forcing her to consume wine, he took her to a friend’s house where they had intercourse while she was unconscious. He then brought her back to his place where they slept together again while she was still partially aware.

The unfortunate incident was confirmed by Central Police Commissioner David Chileshe, who also stated that police have since received an allegation of a rape that took place on Saturday between 18:00 and 19:00.

“The victim aged 16 of a named primary school teachers compound and also a grade seven pupil at the same school was raped by a man aged 46 years, a teacher at the same named primary school. Brief facts were that on Friday last week around 13:00 hours , the victim was picked by the suspect who happens to be her class teacher and was taken to a local market where she was made to drink alcoholic beverages, (namely first choice whiskey). After getting drunk and blacking out, the suspect took her to his friends house where he had carnal knowledge without her consent. When the victim gained consciousness, she found the suspect dressing up his trousers and her skinny jeans trousers and pant had been removed,” he said.

Mr Chileshe said that the suspect then took her to his house and had another round of carnal knowledge.

“Later the guardian who is also the Head teacher of the named school arrived from where she had gone and found the victim missing from home. She sent people to look for her and eventually she was retrieved from the suspect’s house where she was found still naked and drunk. The victim’s clothes were picked from the suspects house. Both scenes were visited and the suspect was arrested and charged with the offense of rape,” he said.

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