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Chief Justice’s Counsel’s Attorneys

Law advocates have been urged not to violate the Constitution by abusing their privileged positions, according to Chief Justice MUMBA MALILA.

A big duty for bringing out the best in society and deterring crime, according to Judge MALILA, rests with lawyers and advocates.

52 graduates of the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) were called to the bar by the Chief Justice of Zambia while he was speaking in Lusaka to serve as advocates for the High Court of Zambia.


A total of 438 candidates took the 2021–2022 Law Practitioners Qualifying Test, according to ZIALE Director ANN MALATA–ONONUJU.

According to Ms. ONONUJU, the examinations had a first-time pass rate of 11.9%.

She added that ZIALE has continued to develop student modules and revision kits in order to create an atmosphere that is supportive of all learners.


The new advocates were urged to be professional and ethical by Law Association of Zambia President, LUNGISANI ZULU.

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