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Chief Katuta Wish To Finish Chipili-lupososhi Road

The government has been urged by Chief KATUTA of the Lupososhi District in Northern Province to finish building the final section of the road between Chipili and Lupososhi.

Before the government stopped the construction, according to the tradition’s leader, the contractor only completed a 56-kilometer section of the project.

The road, according to Chief KATUTA, is a practical one that most farmers utilize to move agricultural products from Lupososhi to different locations.

When ELVIS NKANDU, minister of youth, sports, and the arts, visited the traditional leader in his palace in the Lupososhi District, the traditional leader said this.

Also, Mr. NKANDU has pledged to discuss the Chief’s request with his infrastructure counterpart.

He has praised the contract for completing the 56-kilometer stretch of work with high-quality work.

Additionally, Mr. Nkandu informed the Chief that the government, through his ministry, would be providing grants to young people in the Lupososhi District.

Simon Mweney, the district commissioner for Lupososhi, expressed his satisfaction with the minister’s visit to the district.

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