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Chinese official: China not source of Africa’s debt trap

China (PRC) has reiterated that it is not the cause of Africa’s “debt trap,” but rather a partner in helping the continent escape poverty.

A representative for the Chinese Ministry, Wang Wenbin, claims that claims that Beijing is to blame for the debt trap burden on African countries are unfounded and are merely an attempt to demonize the partnership.

Since then, Mr. Wang has reaffirmed China’s commitment to assisting African nations.

“Such allegations have no factual basis. China attaches great importance to Africa’s debt issue and works intensively to help Africa cope with it. China has contributed more to the Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) than any other G20 member.”

“The latest research findings of the SAIS China-Africa Research Initiative at the Johns Hopkins University show that China has actively participated in the G20’s DSSI, and contributed 63 percent of debt service suspensions. The report indicated that China has had good communication with other participating parties, effectively implemented the DSSI and fulfilled its role fairly well,” he said.

During a routine press conference held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Wang was replying to a query.

However, Mr. Wang asserted that China is consistently dedicated to supporting other developing nations, including African nations, for their socioeconomic development, consistently conducts investment and financing cooperation with them on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, and consistently makes every effort to lessen their debt loads.

“China is not the source of African countries’ “debt trap”, but a partner to help these countries get out of poverty trap.”

“Some politicians in the US and other Western countries use various narrative traps to disrupt and sabotage cooperation between China and other developing countries, but their gimmicks have been debunked and they now find it more difficult to get audience in developing countries and the larger international community,” he said.

He also mentioned that Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo recently remarked that Western countries’ concern over the alleged “China debt trap” may have been overblown.

Mr. wang continued by saying that Africa needs the money and infrastructure and that African nations should be rightfully unapologetic about their tight ties to China.

He claimed that China is a better ally for Africa since it shows up when and when the West won’t or is hesitant.

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