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Chief Mpazeni: GBV cases have decreased

Early marriages and other instances of gender-based violence have decreased in his community, according to paramount chief MPEZENI of the Ngoni people in Eastern Province, as a result of the severe penalty meted out to offenders.

As the nation observes the 16 days of activity against GBV, Chief MPEZENI believes those who engage in the vice shouldn’t be allowed to go unpunished.

The traditional chief claims to have given his headmen instructions to make sure that GBV cases are reported to the appropriate authorities.

In a Chipata interview with ZNBC News, Chief MPEZENI was speaking.

Additionally, DOROTHY NJOBVU, coordinator of the Eastern Province Young Women Christian Association, has urged all parties involved in the fight against GBV to work together.

The majority of people in the region, according to Ms. NJOBVU, report GBV issues as a result of extensive sensitization campaigns.

The theme for the 16 days of activity against gender-based violence is UNITE.

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