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Cej Begins Project To Save Forest Reserve In Zambia

The Green Economy and Environment Minister COLLINS NZOVU recently revealed that Zambia now has the highest deforestation rate in Southern Africa and ranks third globally. This news grieved the Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ).

According to MAGGIE MWAPE, executive director of CEJ, Zambia’s projected forest cover was approximately 45.9 million hectares.

According to Ms. MWAPE, a Lands Research report for the previous ten years showed that Zambia’s annual rate of deforestation climbed from 170,000 to 300,000 hectares.

She claims that her group has now started the Stop The Chop Campaign project in Mafinga District, supported by the American Embassy in Zambia, to increase awareness of environmental protection, preserve forestry, and offer communities alternate means of subsistence.

In Mafinga District, Muchinga Province, Ms. MWAPE made this statement when she spoke with BOYD KAONGA, the district commissioner.

And Mr. Kaonga revealed that many residents of his region were not receiving benefits from the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP), which forced them to completely rely on trees for survival and accelerated destruction.

He bemoaned the Chitemene System, or “Slash and Burn,” a type of shifting farming that significantly aided Mafinga’s deforestation.

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