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Katete Police Attackers Are Charged By Police

Twenty people have been jointly charged and detained by Katete police on suspicion of three charges of malicious property damage, one crime of arson, and two counts of assault on police.

In a statement to ZNBC News, police deputy spokesperson DANNY MWALE verified the development.

The suspects, according to Mr. MWALE, are all being held and are expected to show up in court on Monday.

However, he claims that two individuals were released due to insufficient evidence.

Police detained 20 suspects on Thursday of last week in connection with the attack on police that left nine officers hospitalized and injured.

During the incident, 16 residences were also destroyed in addition to a police Land Cruiser that was set on fire.

Police detained two more suspects, aged 37 and 29, yesterday at around 2:00 a.m., bringing the total number of detained suspects to 22.

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