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Chiefs desire that mines pay royalties

It has been demanded by traditional leaders that the Mining Act and its implementation strategy be changed.

The Chiefs want the Act to have clauses requiring mining companies to collaborate with Chiefdoms so that benefits can be passed on to communities.

The payment of mining royalties to Chiefdom Trusts should also be part of the Act’s changes, according to Senior Chief NKULA, Chair of the House of Chiefs.

Before obtaining licenses for mineral development, companies should also gain the approval of traditional chiefs, according to Senior Chief NKULA.

This was mentioned by the traditional leader during today’s special meeting in Lusaka between the House of Chiefs and President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA.

The summit included 46 traditional chiefs from each of the country’s 10 regions.

President HICHILEMA stated during the meeting that the government is dedicated to working on issues that affect people and the welfare of traditional leaders.


Traditional leaders, according to President HICHILEMA, are the stewards of natural resources that must be effectively managed so that everyone benefits.


He claims that the administration is making a lot of effort to restore traditional leaders’ respect and dignity without segregation.

The Head of State further declares that the government desires to collaborate with traditional leaders in order to harmonize the management of traditional lands and prevent future occurrences similar to those in which some Chiefs have in the past illegally sold substantial swaths of property.

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