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child, age 6, discovered dead

Six-year-old Kawambwa girl found dead with missing body parts and private parts after going missing after being sent from class by her instructor.

Three lads who went fishing in the Ng’ona River discovered Precious Kaunda’s body floating in the water.

The commanding commander of the Luapula province, Gloria Mulele, reported that Kaunda’s body was discovered floating and in a decomposed state by Jealous Musonda, Lupambo Katepa, and Pathias Mubanga.

“Upon receiving the report the police rushed to the scene of the crime and found the body floating by the river side and managed to retrieve the body. The police conducted a search within the scene of the crime and found a school bag, pant, shoes, a pencil, a pair of socks and also struggling marks as well as fallen elephant grass,” Ms Mulele said.

She said a physical  inspection  on Precious’s body was conducted where the police found that her lower and upper lips were removed, part of the nose and the private part were removed.

“The body was taken to Kawambwa district hospital mortuary where a post mortem was conducted to ascertain the cause of death. According to the doctor’s findings, the cause of death was due to excessive bleeding and shock,” She said.

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