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Shikulu Mwape’s attorney was honored

A Zambian organization called Vangeli has given Petronela Kafumbe, one of the attorneys for the 81-year-old Tie Mwape who was cleared of drug trafficking charges, an award.

She has been recognized for her work on the matter by the Zambian organization Vangeli, which gave her the “Outstanding Zambian Citizen” award.

A media and creative agency, Vangeli, is inspired by Ms. Kafumbe’s commitment to utilize her position as a legal assistant at the Legal Aid Board to represent accused people pro gratis, especially those who are perceived to be vulnerable.

“Ms Kafumbe defends the people with inadequate [finance] and works with a lot of women and children,” the organisation noted on its website.

“She deals with cases both in the High Court for Zambia and in the subordinate courts in criminal matters, divorce, adoption, child maintenance and immigration matters.”

Vangeli is impressed by the lawyer’s commitment to ensuring that prisoners present in court on time in order to enable access to justice, in addition to helping people resolve conflicts outside of court.


“She makes sure the prisoners come to court on time and also prepare what is necessary for their legal representation,” Vangeli added. “She also helps the accused persons get police bond. Most of these works are on pro bono basis.

“Thank you counsel Petronella for your contribution to our society and congratulations on your award.”

Ms Kafumbe thanked Vangeli for recognising her work through the award.

“I thank my husband and friends for believing in me. Thank you to the deputy director, Mrs Sandra Lukwesa, for giving me an opportunity to deal with this matter [involving Tie Mwape],” she said in an interview.

Ms. Kafumbe also praised the Legal Aid Board staff as a whole, including her colleague Douglas Njolomba, for their tireless efforts on behalf of Mr. Mwape.

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